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Ponca History
The Oil Heritage of Our Community
Honor the Legacy of EW Marland
Honor the Legacy of EW Marland
"The Ponca City News" recently announced that with the split of ConocoPhillips into two companies, the ConocoPhillips operation in Ponca City, Oklahoma will soon be renamed Phillips 66. Frank Phillips, the founder of the Phillips 66 Oil company, was a man who knew how to use his courage and initiative and great administrative ability to create industry and wealth in Oklahoma leaving a legacy in the oil company that bears his name that will always be a monument to his memory. But there is another Oklahoma oil pioneer who was equally important in developing the oil industry and bringing prosperity and advancement to Northern Oklahoma and that man was EW Marland. Read more. Read more.
What Would Ponca Be Like Today?
What If E.W. Marland Had Never Come to Ponca City?
What If E. W. Marland Had Never Come to Ponca City?
Imagine a frontier town one hundred years ago, just a few years after the territory of Oklahoma has become a state. Only 15 years have passed since the town was created from the empty prairie and the town's unpaved, dirt streets are lined with hitching posts for the horses and wagons on a main street lined by hardware stores, barbershops, dry goods stores, a carriage repair shop, and a bank in one of the town's few brick buildings. One day a mysterious stranger arrives in town on the train with nothing more than a cloth bag for his clothes and a letter of introduction to the owners of the largest ranch in the county. The stranger is thirty-four years old, says he is a lawyer from back east, and has come to prospect for the black gold of petroleum. Dressed in a business suit and wearing spats and knickerbockers, the stranger looks a little out of place but he appears prosperous, confident, and impressive and no one in town can tell by looking at him that the stranger is living on borrowed money. Read more.

What We Proposed in 2007
The Pioneer Woman Models Should Return to Ponca City
The Pioneer Woman Models Should Return to Ponca City
As a nine year old child, I thought Woolaroc was exciting and wonderful. The most fascinating items were the dioramas of the Native American tribes, the dinosaur egg from the Gobi Desert, the shrunken heads from the Amazon jungle, and a miniature of the Pioneer Woman Statue. What perplexed me was that in addition to a three foot model of the real "Pioneer Woman" statue I had seen all my life in Ponca City, there were eleven more models of "Pioneer Women" that looked nothing like the one I was so familiar with. I asked my father why the Pioneer Woman Statue was in Ponca City and these models were 75 miles away in Woolaroc. He wouldn't tell me and I forgot about it for forty years. The visit to Woolaroc made me remember my questions and do some research. Read more. Came True in 2010
The Pioneer Woman Models Return to Ponca City
The Pioneer Woman Models Return to Ponca City
“To me it was an easy answer” says Bob Fraser, Executive Director of Woolaroc Museum. “It was like ‘these statues used to belong to Ponca City’ now they belong to Woolaroc. Why don’t we have reproductions made of these statues and get them over to Ponca City. If people look at these statues and say ‘this is a nice gesture by Woolaroc or by Bartlesville’ that would be even better. The statues belong in Ponca City.” Read more.
Fifty Years of Service to Ponca City
Ponca Playhouse Looks to the Future
 Ponca Playhouse Looks to the Future
If necessity is the mother of invention, than the looming deadline of the opening of Ponca Playhouse's first play of the season, "Tuesdays with Morrie," galvanized members of the Playhouse to get the space prepared. The amazing thing is that the work on the seats and risers came together so quickly. "The work got done in one month. Three weeks before opening night you would never have dreamed we could do it," says Brian Hermanson. "We were out in the lobby rehearsing and there were twenty-two people inside the theater working so hard they were sweating.," says JoAnn Muchmore. "The actors said one night 'What is plan B? If the theater isn't ready and there is no place for us, what are we going to do?' I told them it would be ready because I didn't want to upset the actors, but I wasn't so sure myself." Read more.
A Native American Tradition
Standing Bear Looks to the Future
Standing Bear Looks to the Future
"The Standing Bear Foundation was born to bring the two cultures together" says TL Walker, the Executive Director of the Standing Bear Foundation. "Having the Pow Wow is a way for the two cultures to come together in a social setting." Held in late September and hosted by the Kaw Nation, Osage Nation, Otoe-Missouria Nation, Pawnee Nation, Ponca Nation, and Tonkawa Nation, thousands of tribal members and citizens of Ponca City come together for two days to dance, sing, socialize, and honor American Indian culture. "The community of Ponca City and the community of all six tribes need to use the Pow Wow to celebrate together and embrace each other's culture with understanding," says Oliver Littlecook , member of the Ponca Nation. Read more.

Ponca Craigslist

Featured Story: What Would Ponca City Be Like without E. W. Marland?

Ponca Stories:
Ponca City History
The Mother of a US President Grew Up in Ponca City
The Mother of a US President Grew Up in Ponca City
Barack Obama's mother Stanley Ann Dunham lived in Ponca City for three years starting in 1948 when she was six years old. Stanley Ann attended first and second grades at old Jefferson Elementary School. The family purchased a home in Ponca City on North 13th Street in May 1950 and Stanley Ann attended third grade at Roosevelt Elementary School. Stanley Ann's father worked in Ponca City as a furniture salesman at Jay Paris Furniture. A number of people still living in Ponca City remember the Dunhams. Read more.
A Personal Guide
What to See in Ponca City
What to See in Ponca City
A personal guide to what every visitor to Ponca City needs to see to get a sense of what it is like to live in our community. Here's a map that shows where each landmark is located .

Commissioned by oilman E. W. Marland and erected in 1930, the Pioneer Woman statue stands at the center of Ponca City’s civic life. The result of a sculptural competition, twelve of the world’s leading artists each produced a three foot bronze of their conception of the Pioneer Woman. The bronzes toured the United States and were a sensation in New York City where they were viewed by hundreds of thousands of people at the Reinhardt Galleries and written up in Time Magazine and by the New York Times. Over 750,000 cast votes for their favorite and Bryant Baker’s “Confident” was the selection of the people. Read more.

A Ponca Story
Ponca Playhouse Presents "The Broken Statue"
Ponca Playhouse Presents
A limestone statue of a striking young woman is buried and lost for nearly forty years - a broken statue representing shattered lives and shattered dreams. Read Kay Anthony's review of the 2012 performance . The story of the statue is one of love, greed, power, and lost aspirations. The statue symbolizes what was and what could have been - a tale of a great oil empire betrayed, destroying the lives of the family who built it. Read more.
Tales from the 1950s
My Father and Bobwhite Quail
My Father and Bobwhite Quail
My father always had one or two hunting dogs when we lived at the house he bought in 1949 at 437 Fairview right next to Speck's trailer court and I loved to play with our weirmeraner Ajax and our brittany Ginger but what I remember best of all is my father getting up early on Saturday mornings back in the mid-1950's and going out with his hunting buddies to spend a day in the fields around Ponca City hunting quail while I would stay at home and watch my favorite tv shows with my neighborhood buddies, Mike Eaton, Jay Holmes, Greg Lukehart, and Tom and Bob Monger. We were the first family on Fairview Street to own a television set and everyone would come over to watch Sky King, Roy Rodgers, and 3-D Danny on "Satellite 4." Read more.
We Will Never Forget You
Death Be Not Proud
Death Be Not Proud
Peter Militch was probably the best engineer I ever worked with in my life and he was also one of my best friends. When I talked to Peter at his home a few weeks ago, I asked Peter what he thought his legacy would be. "I think it will be my daughters. I am really proud of them," Peter said. "You know they are very kind and I think that kindness is about the most important human attribute." Read more.
A Christmas Story
My Favorite Christmas
My Favorite Christmas
"My great-grandfather William Pickens came to Oklahoma before the turn of the century and put down roots near Boswell, Oklahoma – a small town of a couple of hundred people in Southeast Oklahoma about half way between Hugo and Durant. William Pickens was a veterinarian or horse doctor as he called himself and he would buy mustangs in Texas and bring them across the the river to Oklahoma and raise them and sell them. I met my great grandfather William in 1955 when I was five years old and I remember being taken to his house about a mile West of Boswell and going into a dark room where he lay in bed, waiting to die." Read more.
News for Nerds
Why I Enjoy Writing for Slashdot
Why I Enjoy Writing for Slashdot
grew up in Ponca City, Oklahoma, a very unusual city in America's heartland which in the 1950's happened to be both the corporate headquarters for Continental Oil Company (Conoco) and also the center for all of Conoco's Research and Development . With over 600 Ph.d's. living in a city of 25,000, Ponca City was more like a university town where knowledge and learning was revered by highly educated parents who insisted on a first class educational system for their children. Read more.
The Encyclopedia Anyone Can Edit
Why I Enjoy Writing for Wikipedia
Why I Enjoy Writing for Wikipedia
On November 1, Marie Daulne came to Baltimore and appeared at the 8x10 club, so my wife and I attended the show, had a great time, and took some great photos of her and the group to use with the Wikipedia article about her. After the show we went backstage and introduced ourselves to Daulne. I told her that I was at least partially her biographer. "How so," she asked. I asked her if she ever surfed the internet and she said yes. I asked her if she knew what Wikipedia was and she said yes. "Well, I am the person who has written a lot of your Read more.
The Maryland Returned Volunteers
Thanks for the Memories
Thanks for the Memories
After four years as an officer of the Maryland Returned Volunteers, this will be my last newsletter to you as President of the group. As many of you know, over a year ago Sunday and I scheduled a cruise to celebrate our 20th anniversary that leaves next week and we may not be back in time for the annual Christmas party so we thought that it would be nice to look back on the past four years and put together a personal scrapbook of some of the highlights of events sponsored by the Maryland Returned Volunteers that we will keep in our memories forever. Look at the photos below and see how many of these you remember. Thanks everybody for four years of wonderful friends, activities, and memories. Read more.
Reservoir Hill
A Victorian Mansion in Baltimore's Reservoir Hill
A Victorian Mansion in Baltimore's Reservoir Hill
The Victorians gave each floor a distinctive use. The first floor was the public area where guests were received and entertained. Once you go up the staircase to the second floor, you were in a private area only accessible to family and the closest friends. The third floor was servant's quarters and the attic was for storage of household goods. You will see one set of stairs on the right and a second set of stairs through the door. The stairs in the background are service stairs that lead from the kitchen and pantry to the second and third floors. These were used by the maid and butler and allowed them to go about their business while the owners were entertaining guests in the "public area" of the house. Life in a Victorian household was definitely "Upstairs, Downstairs." Read more.
A Photo Essay
I heard the Silence on Christmas Day
I heard the Silence on Christmas Da
Once a year the shopping stops, the stores empty, parking lots are vacated, the streets clear. Time stops and all is silent as everyone retires to their homes and churches to observe the day of Christmas. Read more.
America Inaugurates a President
The Peace Corps Community marches in Obama's Inaugural Parade
The Peace Corps Community marches in Obama's Inaugural Parade
President-elect Barack Obama and Vice President-elect Joe Biden's Inaugural Committee officially extended an offer to the Peace Corps Community and AmeriCorps Alums to march in the 56th Inaugural Parade. Members of these service organizations will join representatives from across the country and our Armed Forces in the historic parade down Pennsylvania Avenue following President-elect Obama's swearing-in ceremony on the steps of the Capitol. "These organizations embody the best of our nation's history, diversity and commitment to service," said President-elect Obama. "Vice President-elect Biden and I are proud to have them join us in the parade." Read more.
Behind the Scenes
Tim Russert discusses Peace Corps Issues with Returned Volunteers
Tim Russert discusses Peace Corps Issues with Returned Volunteer
Returned Peace Corps Volunteers attended the taping of NBC Sunday Morning News Show "Meet the Press," and got a behind the scenes look of how the show is produced as they watched NBC News Moderator Tim Russert interview Colin Powell, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Brent Scowcroft. After the taping they met with Mr. Russert and discussed Peace Corps Issues including the Peace Corps legislation pending in Congress, the history of the Peace Corps, and the role of former Peace Corps Directors Sargent Shriver and Jack Vaughn. Read more.
Fifty Years of Service
An Interview with Peace Corps Director Ron Tschetter
An Interview with Peace Corps Director Ron Tschetter
"When I was a volunteer, we left America and we pretty well knew we weren't going to speak with our families for two years and that is exactly what happened. We had no telephone in our village and there wasn't one for a hundred miles. Now as I travel, I am estimating that 75% to 80% of our volunteers have their own personal cell phones, and they are connected to the rest of the world. It is truly amazing. You go to the remotest parts of Africa, and they have contact via cell phone with home and friends. So that is probably the most striking change." Read more.
Investigative Journalism
The Peace Corps 'Sharp Incident' in Kazakhstan
The Peace Corps 'Sharp Incident' in Kazakhstan
There were a number of factors in Peace Corps' decision to suspend its program in Kazakhstan in November 2011 including a rash of terrorist attacks in recent months, four rapes or sexual assaults of Peace Corps Volunteers in the past year, and work related issues that have made it increasingly difficult for volunteers to conduct their work. However new information from US diplomatic cables reveals that there are elements in the "pro-Russian old-guard at the Committee for National Security (the KNB, successor to the KGB) aimed at discrediting the Peace Corps." One incident that provides insight into Peace Corps relations in Kazakhstan that has remained unreported until now, was the arrest and trial of Peace Corps Volunteer Tony Sharp who was sentenced to two years imprisonment in 2009 after "what appeared to be a classic Soviet-style set-up" by elements in the Kazakhstani government that want to damage bilateral relations with the United States. Sharp was freed and deported through the diplomatic efforts of US Ambassador to Kazakhstan Richard Hoagland and action by President Nazarbayev who understood the damage the case could cause the bilateral relationship and acted against the Committee for National Security (KNB), which likely cooked up the provocation against Sharp in the first place. Read more.
Project Management Days
A Crash Program to Build a TDRS Ground Terminal in Australia
A Crash Program to Build a TDRS Ground Terminal in Australia
The Gamma Ray Observatory (GRO), launched in April 1991, was performing as designed until it became obvious in 1992 that both of its onboard tape recorders would fail, thereby reducing recovery of valuable science data to real-time only at a reduced data rate of 32 kbs (versus 512 kbs during playback). Under these conditions, only approximately 62-percent (worst case GRO attitude) of data could be recovered with the existing 2-TDRS constellation. In March 1992, the MO&DSD was requested to study approaches to solve this problem utilizing any combination of ground or space resources. Read more.
Hugh Pickens writes:
Dollars and Sense
How Much Money Does the Marland Refinery in Ponca City Earn for Phillips 66?
How Much Money Does the Marland Refinery in Ponca City Earn for Phillips 66?
The Phillips 66 Refinery located in Ponca City, Oklahoma, has a published crude oil processing capacity of 187,000 barrels per day making it by far the largest refinery in Oklahoma. The Refinery in Ponca City contributed a net profit of over $500 million in 2011 to Phillips bottom line, making it the most profitable of Phillips 66's fifteen worldwide refineries. Based on Phillips' third quarter earnings report for 2012 with a realized crack spread of $31.83 for mid-continent refineries and a capacity utilization of 102%, the Marland Refinery in Ponca City will contribute at an annualized rate of over $1 billion ($1.032 B) of net profits in 2012 to Phillips bottom line. Read more.
What's the Latest on the Marland Movie?
Jennifer Lawrence to Play Lydie Marland in "the Ends of the Earth"
Jennifer Lawrence to Play Lydie Marland in
A major motion picture has been announced, The Ends of the Earth, written by Academy Award winning screenwriter Chris Terrio and starring Academy Award winning actress Jennifer Lawrence that is due to begin production in 2014 or 2015. There is a good chance that part of the film's production will take place in Ponca City, Oklahoma where the historical events portrayed in the movie originally occurred. The successful completion of such a high profile motion picture will bring enormous publicity and public interest to Ponca City, the Marlands, the Marland Refinery, and Marland Mansion that will benefit Ponca City both culturally and economically. Read more.
The New CEO of Phillips 66
A Profile of Greg Garland
Meet Greg Garland
"I picked this company because of Bartlesville," says Garland. "Four times over the course of 32 years I’ve lived here. We have good memories of Bartlesville, Oklahoma, and it’s always going to be a very special place to me personally." Learn more about Greg Garland's thirty years at Phillips 66, how Jim Mulva selected Garland for CEO of Phillips, Garland's love for Bartlesville, the joke Garland likes to tell about how Conoco turned him down for his first job out of college, and Garland's respect for E. W. Marland and "the giants that have come before us that have so well positioned this company for the success that we enjoy today." [Garland's] got a very effective, relaxed manner says one man who knows him. "Many CEOs are so hyper and wound tight, and Greg is always relaxed and in control.” Read more.
The Greatest Generation
Deloris Pickens writes: Remembering the Great Depression
Deloris Pickens writes: Remembering the Great Depression
We are now in a downturn in our economy that is being compared to the Great Depression which started with the stock market crash in 1929 and didn't really end until World War Two. We of that generation were not able or did not prepare our children and grandchildren for this event. The bankers and credit card companies were extending credit to people that did not have the ability to pay their bills and a lot of manufacturing jobs have gone overseas. We are now in the process of trying to get our economy and our lives back to what we have perceived as normal. This is a strong country and we can put our minds to our problems and come out of this with a better knowledge of how to take care of ourselves. But we have to get back to helping each other and getting our priorities right. Read more.
The Silent Service
We Remember
We Remember
I first learned about Uncle Donald when I was visiting my grandparents in Minnesota in the 1950's and saw Uncle Donald's purple heart in my grandparents' bedroom. I asked who the medal belonged to and my mother and grandparents told me about my Uncle and what had happened to him. Donald Cress was the older brother of my mother Deloris Pickens. He graduated from high school in Geneva, Minnesota in 1941 and after Pearl Harbor he volunteered to join the US Navy. When Donald volunteered, he asked to join the submarine service. "I want to come back from the war whole or not at all," Don told his family. Read more.
Ponca Supports Our Men Overseas
"Operation Pioneer Spirit" serves Oklahomans in Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan

In 2006 Megan Potter went to Iraq and after she had been in country about a week she sent a letter to her mother in Ponca City that said "The PX has hardly anything for the girls, so I'm going to send you a list of things that you can send to me because me and my friends are all in the same boat." Megan's mother, Mary Ann Potter, was reading the letter at the Farmer's Market in the the Pioneer Woman parking lot and Normal Erner came by and said let me see that letter. "Norma pulled seven dollars out of her pocket and said - here you go start something and I'll be right there with you and that's how the whole thing began, " says Potter. "We started in July 2006 and by August 3 had packed our first shipment of 19 boxes." Read more.
Professional Theatre in Oklahoma
"Rent" in Guthrie and an Academy Award Winner in Ponca City

Philip Seymour Hoffman who went on to win an Academy Award for Best Actor for his portrayal of Truman Capote in the film "Capote" had a substantial role in "Twister" and if you go back and watch the movie you will see his over-the-top performance as a member of the tornado chase team. Hoffman called "Twister" the weirdest movie he ever made and says "That's not to slight Twister. But it is a weird movie. They're chasing tornados." Hoffman adds that he gained a lot of weight during the filming of "Twister" because he had just discovered "that the blockbuster budget extended to the on-set catering, which was free and plentiful." Read more.
Red Dirt Road
Red Dirt Rangers Appear at the Poncan Theater
Red Dirt Rangers Appear at the Poncan Theater
The Red Dirt Rangers appeared in a free concert this evening at the Poncan Theater courtesy of the Ponca City Arts and Humanities Council and there was a good audience - probably 500 people - and the band was well known to the audience. As an interesting side note the band said that they had played in Ponca City in their second public appearance twenty years ago so to them playing again in Ponca was like a homecoming for them. Read more.
A Ponca Author
Ponca City Native Joyce Carol Thomas honored by Writers Hall of Fame
Ponca City Native Joyce Carol Thomas honored by Writers Hall of Fame
Award winning writer Joyce Carol Thomas, the author and illustrator of more than 50 children's books and winner of the National Book Award for Children's Fiction in 1983, was born in 1938 in Ponca City and was the fifth of nine children born into a family of cotton pickers. Although Thomas was about 10 when her family moved from Ponca City to California, she has always considered herself an Oklahoman and her memories of life in Ponca City and the surrounding areas have inspired much of Thomas' award-winning fiction, poetry and plays. Four of Thomas' novels are set in Ponca City: Marked by Fire (1982), Bright Shadow (1983), The Golden Pasture (1986) and The House of Light (2001). Read more.
A Peace Corps Volunteer in the White House
Meet Jon Carson
Meet Jon Carson
Jon Carson is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer who served in Honduras from 2004 to 2006. Carson later served as national field director for Barack Obama’s campaign in the primaries and general election in 2007 and 2008, on the Obama transition team, as chief of staff at the Council on Environmental Quality in the Obama White House in 2009, and as Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of the Office of Public Engagement in 2011. Read the profile I wrote of Carson and the work he does in the White House. Read more.
That'll Be The Day
Buddy Holly Tribute at Poncan Theater
Buddy Holly Tribute at Poncan Theater
One interesting story McGuigan told the audience was that Holly, born in Lubbuck, Texas, was a big John Wayne fan and that the title for one of Holly's most famous songs was taken from a line Wayne delivered several times in the 1954 classic movie "The Searchers" that many consider John Wayne's best role. John Wayne's line from the movie that became a song for Holly: "That'll be the day." Read more.
More Ponca Stories

Wanda Jackson and Becky Hobbs Perform at the Poncan Theatre

Walkin' After Midnight
"Patsy Cline" appears at the Poncan Theatre

A Moslem Country Music Star
Ponca City Native Kareem Salama Invited to White House

Swamp Coolers and Horned Toads
Life in Ponca City before Home Air Conditioning

Change You Can Believe In
My Wife and I attend Barack Obama's Inauguration in Washington DC

Boswell Oklahoma, 1960
My Favorite Christmas (1960)

Ask Not
My Interview with the Head of the Peace Corps

Looking to the Future
Ponca City needs to go ahead with two big projects

Two Lane Blacktop
The Long Drive East

Ponca City's Wireless Network
Police Cars to Transmit Real Time Video with new Wireless Mesh

An Oklahoma Icon
Dedication of the Fluke Plaza

Ghost Riders
Les Gilliam performs with Riders in the Sky

Thoughts on the Election
A Dream Renewed

My Neice's Dance Debut
Rachel Barger Dances Lead to "Estória Cega"

The Sound of Music
A Musical Weekend

A Unqiue Oklahoma Sport
Ranch Sorting at the Play Pen Arena

Alexander's Ragtime Band
Rick Benjamin and the Paragon Ragtime Orchestra

Country Music Extravaganza
Poncan Opry was a Big Success

Fifty Years of Memories
50th Anniversary of Ponca Playhouse

Wastin Away in Margaritaville
Fourth of July Fountain Lights/Son of a Sailor

I Want to Hear That Rock and Roll Music
Blackfoot perform at the Poncan Theatre

Three Stages of Ponca History
The History of a Community Defines its Identity

Rubber Soul
1964 the Tribute

An Engineer's Engineer
Death Be Not Proud

America's Got Talent
Terry Fator at the Poncan Theater

Hunting with My Father
My Father and Bobwhite Quail

Ask Not
Jack Vaughn: Peace Corps Legend

Classic Rock
Classic Rock Concerts Announced for Summer

Oklahoma Melting Pot
Muslim Country-Western Singer is from Ponca City

The World's Encyclopedia
Writing for Wikipedia

Route 66 Revisited
A Cross Country Marathon

Mexican Delight
Annual Chili Cookoff at Lake Ponca

Too Much Happening
Three Big Events in Ponca City

Public Art
The Murals of Alva Oklahoma

Marland's Models
The Pioneer Woman Statues at Woolaroc

God Bless America
Independence Day Celebration

The E Street Band
"Bruce in the USA" is coming to Ponca City

Construction Update
The Standing Bear Museum is coming along well

The Snowstorm of the Century
Ponca City digs out

A Photo Essay
I heard the silence on Christmas day

A Ponca Christmas
Joy to the World - Ponca City, 2006

Sent Down from Heaven
The Festival of Angels at Lake Ponca Park

Azure Blue
"Ponca City, we love you"

High Tech Returns to Ponca
Ceremonial Signing for University Multispectral Lab at City Hall

Ponca Photos
Mar 28, 2011
Classical Guitarist Brad Richter and Cellist Viktor Uzur appear at the Poncan Theatre

Nov 22, 2010
Chilocco Indian Agricultural School

Nov 7, 2009
Veteran's Day Parade down Grand Avenue in Ponca City

Nov 6, 2009
Will Rogers Tribute by Randall Reeder at the Poncan Theater

Oct 25, 2009
"Rent" Cast at the Pollard Theater in Guthrie, Oklahoma

Oct 21, 2009
Operation Pioneer Spirit at the Pioneer Woman Museum in Ponca City

Oct 15, 2009
Boogie Woogie Pianist Silvan Zingg Appears at the Poncan Theater

Oct 6, 2009
Red Dirt Rangers Appear at the Poncan Theater

Oct 4, 2009
Rave On Tribute to Buddy Holly Appears at the Poncan Theater

Oct 4, 2009
Ponca Opry at the Poncan Theater

Oct 1, 2009
16th Annual Standing Bear Pow Wow in Ponca City, Oklahoma

Sep 21, 2009
Ponca Playhouse looks to the Future with New Performance Space

Sep 20, 2009
Wanda Jackson and Becky Hobbs perform at the Poncan Theatre

Sep 14, 2009
Poncan Opry with "Patsy Cline"

Sep 7, 2009
New Lighting at Donner

Aug 5, 2009
Fiftieth Anniversary of 101 Ranch Rodeo in Ponca City

Nov 30, 2008
Driving Up I-35 through Oklahoma and Kansas

Nov 22, 2008
Ponca Opry at the Poncan Theatre

Nov 16, 2008
Dedication of the Fluke Plaza

Nov 10, 2008
Ponca City Wireless Internet Presentation

Nov 7, 2008
Riders in the Sky perform with Les Gilliam at the Poncan Theater

Nov 5, 2008
Rachel Barger Dances Lead to "Estória Cega"

Oct 28, 2008
Paragon Ragtime Orchestra play at Hesston College

Oct 25, 2008
Ponca Opry

Oct 10, 2008
Ranch Sorting at the Play Pen Arena

Oct 5, 2008
Paragon Ragtime Orchestra perform at Poncan Theatre

Jul 14, 2008
Ponca Playhouse 50th Anniversary Gala

May 7, 2008
Terry Fator performs at the Poncan Theater

Apr 3, 2008
Lou Hale Moore's Sculpture of Deloris Pickens

Sep 30, 2007
Standing Bear Memorial Park Dedication

Sep 29, 2007
Riders in the Sky at the Poncan Theatre

Sep 28, 2007
Poncan Opry at the Poncan Theater

Sep 23, 2007
Chili Cookoff at Lake Ponca

Sep 17, 2007
Visit to the Coleman Theater in Miami Oklahoma

Sep 16, 2007
Annual Arts Festival at Soldani Mansion

Sep 16, 2007
Ponca City Centennial Celebration

Sep 15, 2007
Dennis James plays for the Silent Movie "Tumbleweeds" at Poncan Theatre

Sep 9, 2007
Billings, Oklahoma

Sep 9, 2007
Garber Oklahoma

Sep 9, 2007
Enid, Oklahoma

Sep 9, 2007
Guthrie Oklahoma

Aug 23, 2007
The Murals of Alva Oklahoma

Aug 23, 2007
Great Salt Plains Spillway

Aug 1, 2007
Tour of Oklahoma State University

Jul 22, 2007
NOC Production of Suburb at Poncan Theatre

Jul 15, 2007
Water overflowing the spillway at Kaw Lake

Jul 6, 2007
Son of a Sailor - Jimmy Buffett Tribute at Poncan Theatre

Jul 5, 2007
4th of July Fireworks Celebration at Lake Ponca

Jul 5, 2007
Fountain Lights in Front of Civic Center in Ponca City

Jun 22, 2007
Blackfoot perform at the Poncan Theatre

Jun 13, 2007
The Ginn Sisters Play at the Poncan Theatre

Jun 7, 2007
1964, the Tribute at the Poncan Theatre

Apr 8, 2007
Crossing the Arkansas River

Mar 21, 2007
Flash Floods near Ponca at Hubbard and Waverly

Mar 21, 2007
Flooding on North end of Lake Ponca

Mar 21, 2007
Overflow at the Spillway at Lake Ponca

Mar 21, 2007
Walking around Lake Ponca Park after a Heavy Rain

Mar 21, 2007
Spillway at Lake Ponca Park from the Other Side

Mar 19, 2007
Philbrook Museum in Tulsa

Mar 11, 2007
Pawhuska Oklahoma Main Street

Mar 2, 2007
Visit to Woolaroc Museum

Mar 2, 2007
Pioneer Woman Statues at Woolaroc Museum

Feb 25, 2007
Standing Bear Museum Construction

Jan 18, 2007
Ponca City Digs Out

Dec 26, 2006
Deserted Shopping Centers on Christmas Day

Dec 24, 2006
Christmas Decorations on Donner Street in Ponca City

Dec 18, 2006
ConocoPhillips Refinery at Sunset

Dec 17, 2006
Ponca City High School

Dec 17, 2006
Hutchins Memorial

Dec 17, 2006
Robin Hood Flour Mill

Dec 14, 2006
UML Signing at City Hall of Ponca City

Dec 1, 2006
Ponca City - The Blizzard of 2006

Dec 1, 2006
Snow Lions in Ponca City

Nov 25, 2006
Marland Mansion in Ponca City Oklahoma

Nov 25, 2006
Poncan Theatre

Nov 25, 2006
Standing Bear Native American Memorial Park

Nov 25, 2006
Festival of Angels at Lake Ponca Park

Nov 24, 2006
Tallgrass Prairie

Nov 12, 2006
Ponca City Veteran's Day Parade

Aug 20, 2006
Ponca City Rodeo

Aug 19, 2006
Langston Oklahoma Prairie Tree Formation

Jul 31, 2006
Skiatook Statuary

Ponca Headlines

Ponca City, We Love You

Ponca City, We Love You